Phone Interviewed Leads

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Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

Talk to prospects who have time and money to invest!

We offer Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads who have been Screened and Verified to be looking for a home business. Unlike our competitors who use an automated dialer to generate their phone “interviewed” leads, we use real telemarketers making the leads much more reliable.

For your time, efforts, and budget, these leads can’t be beat!

These leads have filled out one of our Home Business Survey Forms requesting information on a home-based business. The prospect is then called and INTERVIEWED by our call center staff.

Before they ever reach your inbox, our Phone Interviewed leads are pre-screened for quality by our Live Call Center. Prospects are confirmed to have at least $100-$300 to get started and a minimum 5-10 hours a week to run the business. If they don’t meet these requirements, we don’t qualify them and they do not count as leads.

Prospects are expecting your call and we’ve already verified their contact information. You save valuable time and money, speaking only with the leads who pass our screening process. Now, that’s a great lead!

Lead include the following information:
• Name, Address, and Telephone Number
• How much would you be willing to invest?
• Minimum hours they can devote per week
• Gender
• Date prospect is interviewed
• Time Zone
• Ip Address


Delivery: Delivery usually begins within 24 hours but may be up to 72 hours depending on the weekend. You receive a lead panel which allows you to view and download your leads in .csv, .txt, or .xls format. Your information will be sent to you via email.

Replacement Policy: An extra 10% leads is included with each order.

Quantity Cost Each Total Cost Purchase
25 Leads $2.95 $73.75
50 Leads $2.90 $145.00
100 Leads $2.85 $285.00