Email Leads

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“The last batch of leads I purchased worked really well, I am very pleased. Keep up the good work.”
– Charles Bunnell

Are you looking for a more cost effective way to build your business? We have the answer.

Our email leads are ideally suited for email/autoresponder type usage where ethical and CAN-SPAM compliance is maintained.

They are best when used for MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or any other business promoting working from home.

Benefits of these leads:

  • Lowest Cost Per Lead
  • Prospects welcome to online offers
  • Easily import into any Bulk Emailer/Autoresponder system
Leads  come with the following information.
Name, Full Mailing Address, Email Address, Time/Date Stamp and IP Address.
Delivery:  Leads are delivered all at once as a downloadable file. Delivery is usually within 4 hours, but can be up to 72 hours depending on the weekend.
Quantity Days Old Total Cost Purchase
10,000 Leads 1-3 Days $69.95
10,000 Leads 4-7 Days $59.95
10,000 Leads 8-15 Days $49.95
10,000 Leads 16-30 Days $39.95