mlm leads company

 1) How and when will you deliver the leads?

All the Real Time leads are delivered instantly (as they are generated) in the email as a link to the back office we provide with each order. You can achieve multiple tasks through the back office, like gender selection, set the number of leads you want delivered on a daily basis, view contact information of the leads, etc.

 All other leads are delivered according to your opted plan as attachments to your email in multiple formats (.xls, .csv, .txt). In the event your email does not support bigger file attachments, we will send you a link to the secure server from where you can download the file.

 In case you do not receive the email on time, please check the spam bin of your email. And if still the leads are not found, please write in to us at support@bizsourceplus.com for quick remedial action.

 2) Are your leads exclusive to me?

All our leads are non-exclusive, but limited, i.e., at the most 2 persons are sent the same leads. However, we make sure that all these persons have different businesses to offer. In other words, these leads are exclusive to you with your company. 

3) Do you employ ethical modes of generating leads?

All our leads are generated using ethical modes, like Pay Per Click (PPC), web site advertisements, organic search engine placements, and various other modes. We don’t offer any kind of allurements to the prospects. All our leads visit one of our affiliated home based business websites and fill up a form to request additional information about the investment opportunities available in the home based business segment.

 4) I’m wary of receiving bad leads. Do you have any policy to counter this eventuality?

Our lead generation, verification and filtration processes are robust enough to avoid any bad leads. But still if you receive any bad lead, simply let us know and we will replace it. You can either login and follow the simple steps, or you can write in to us at support@bizsourceplus.com. Please make sure to request replacement of a bad lead within 5 days of receiving it. All delayed requests shall not be entertained.

 5) Do you have any guidelines to determine bad leads?

Usually, these are the instances where we treat any lead as bad:

  • Lead is a minor, i.e., under 18 years of age
  • Wrong location (if you have opted for country-specific leads)
  • Wrong/discontinued telephone number
  • Information about the lead submitted by a third person
  • Lead feigning ignorance about having sought any information about home based business

 Usually, these are the instances where we treat any lead as not bad:

  • Wrong email address
  • Lead not interested in your business
  • Lead experienced in MLM or home based business
  • More than 5-days’ old lead
  • Unable to get through the call
  • Someone from the same company already called the lead

 6) What are the different modes of payment you accept?

Currently, we accept credit card payments through major gateways, like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. All online payments are encrypted and highly secure. Request for alternative mode of payment can be made at support@bizsourceplus.com.

 7) Is there any facility of auto-renewal?


8) How can I pause/resume the leads?

Managing your leads is easy through our Leads Control Panel. You enjoy complete control over your leads, including pause/resume the leads. This applies only to Real Time Lead orders.

 9) What is your refund policy?

All our leads are final and not subject to any refund request.