Autodialer/Call Center Leads

mlm leads company

Are you looking for a more cost effective way to build your business? We have the answer.

Our Autodialer/Call Center leads are ideally suited for phone call type usage where high volume and high contact rate is desired.

 These leads have filled out a Survey Form requesting information. The survey forms require the prospect to provide their full contact information.

These are great all purpose leads which can be used for anything from calling or auto-dialer/voice broadcasting to direct email marketing.

 Delivery: Leads are normally delivered within 24 hours but can take up 72 hours depending on the weekend. We will send you an email which will include a link for you to download your leads.

Quantity Age of Leads Cost Each Total Cost Purchase
1,000 Leads 1-3 Days Old $0.040 $40.00
1,000 Leads 4-7 Days Old $0.035 $35.00
1,000 Leads 8-15 Days Old $0.030 $30.00
1,000 Leads 16-30 Days Old $0.025 $25.00